FFMPEG installation on centos 6 and centos 7 | How to install FFMPEG on centos | FFMPEG merge videos

As we know FFMPEG is a great tool to deal with multimedia data like video, audio and images. Usually I use FFMPEG on ubuntu servers but somehow I got a project which was already developed and was running on centos server.

My task was to combine them multiple .webm video files into a single video file.

In first attempt I generally installed the FFMPEG by using the following command "yum install ffmpeg". Definitely I was having root user access. But I was getting libvpx encoder error and VP8 and VP9 not supported errors.

After that I following steps:

Download FFMPEG installer : You can download this installer in any of directory and after installation you can delete the installer.

Then make the file executable:

Now to install the release version:

Congrats, FFMPEG has been installed. To verify this please run the following command:

My FFMPEG version has been installed now. I was just needed to concat multiple .webm videos into single .webm video.

For that I created a text file named as videos.txt which was containing the list of video names which was needed to concat. Sample is below:


To concat all these .webm video files into single file I run the below command.


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