Customize validation error response in Laravel 5.5 | How to return Custom validation error response in JSON in Laravel 5.5 | How i can return a customized response in a FormRequest class in Laravel 5.5? | How to write validation rules for JSON request in Laravel 5.5

Laravel 5.5.* has made a change which is big deal with Laravel developers now a days and the change is you can't customize your validation error response like you you did in earlier versions. In earlier versions of Laravel we were able to customize or change our validation error response with below function example:

Now in current versions of Laravel 5.5.* you will not be able to customize your validation error response with this function.

You will require to use followings as well:

If you are using FormRequests to validate data and want to return custom JSON on error response in Laravel 5.5.*, You have to you below function.

It will return all the validation error in JSON.

Now if you still wanted to customize this error response you can so it very easily like below example:

So the final validation request looks like:

Apart from this because you can have multiple validation requests in your project so I will suggest you to keep failedValidation() function in some parent class and then extend your validation class like below example.

And below is is the parent class example like BaseApiRequest.php:


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