Stripe | Register user on stripe in Laravel PHP | Create subscription plan | Plan subscription | Charge payment | Stripe payments in Laravel and PHP

Stripe is the beautiful payment gateway which allow you to accept payments from your customers easily and securely. Stripe also allows to transfer payments from bank to bank. We can create recurring payments through the Stripe. We can create subscriptions for the users through the Stripe API. You can do adaptive payments through the Stripe. For example If customer pat $100 than you can split this payment to multiple users like you can give 30% to cab driver and rest for the Admin.

In this article I'm going to explain followings:

  1. Card or User registration on stripe.
  2. Create charge on card or Accept payment from card.
  3. Create Subscription plan on Stripe.
  4. Subscribe a particular plan.
  5. Cancel subscription plan.
  6. Register bank account on Stripe.
  7. Transfer payment from card to Bank Account.

Currently service for transferring payments from Bank account to Bank account is available in USA only.

Here are following steps for doing all these things.

1) Install laravel.

How to install Laravel

2)Add Stripe library

Now you need to install php stripe library through the composer like if you have installed composer globally then

Or if you have installed composer locally then you can install with below command:

View: welcome.blade

Here in this view there is a Stripe form when you enter the card details and your email id It will create the Stripe token and that token will be posted on the server side.
Controller: StripeController.php

Route: routes.php

You also can register the bank account through the token so we would not require to send bank details to our server. It is recommended to send the any confidential detail like bank detail or card detail to send to Stripe server and Stripe will return the token then you can send that token to you server and do the necessary operations.

Here is the article to register the Bank Account through the Stripe Token.

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