Simple Shopping Cart in PHP & MySQL | PHP code for Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Example PHP

Shopping Cart Example PHP

There are many e-commerce application and we are still building e-commerce application but all of them has common functionality and the functionality is shopping cart.

We are here to learn, How to build a simple shopping cart in PHP and MySQL? In this article I'll be creating a very simple cart system where you will be able to add the products into the cart and can remove the products from the cart. You also will be able to empty cart or remove all products from the cart.

Here are the MySQL queries:

I'll be using session to add or remove the products from the cart. First of all I'm fetching products from MySQL and listing all the products on the web page.
Create a new PHP file like:

Here is the simple products listing. I also have add to cart button here and a text field to enter the quantity. I also have used connection file here which creates a connection with MySQL using PHP...  Read More

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