Copy to clipboard example in JavaScript/jQuery | How To Copy to Clipboard

copy-clipboardCopy to clipboard can be used to make easy for a user to copy a particular text. User will not need to select the text first and then copy it. This can be achieved with just a button click.

I'm going to explain copy to clipboard by using JavaScript/jQuery. It also execute copy command to copy the content.

Here is the code for copy to clipboard in JavaScript/jQuery. Like i have created a index HTML file.


When you click on copy button we get the text and pass it to copyToClipboard() function. There I created a temporary input text field and assign that message to the input text field. Then I select the input text by select() function and execute the copy command by execCommand() function. After executing the copy command I removed the temporary text field. Whenever the message is copied you will see the copied! message also. ...  Read More

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