Real time commenting System with Node and MongoDB | Real time commenting on post using Node.js and

Nodejs comment system example

Nodejs comment system example

So many applications required real time programming and believe me Node.js and is the best combination or that. So many applications required real time commenting system. Today in this article you are going to learn how you can comment in real time in Node.Js by using

In my previous Node.js tutorial I explained video streaming in Node.js with the help of
Today also I'm going to use for creating the real time comment system in node.js.

I'll create a simple commenting system. There will be a listing of posts. I'll be fetching the posts from MongoDB. You also will be able to view detail of every post. On detail page of posts you could comment in real time. I'm also saving your comments in MongoDB along with real time commenting. So whenever you'll see the post detail you could see the comments. ...  Read More

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