Difference between 'currying' and 'closure' in JavaScript?

So many time we got confused in currying and closure JavaScript functions just because both uses functions inside function.

So This is the answer of your question.

First I will explain What is closure in JavaScript ?

Creating a closure is nothing more than accessing a variable outside of a function's scope. Please note that a function inside a function isn't a closure. Closures are always use when need to access the variables outside the function scope.

Here is an example of closure function:

Answer will be 21. So here inside google function we are able to access the variable x which is outside the scope of the function google(). ...  Read More

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Currying functions in JavaScript | JavaScript currying function example

Currying is converting a single function of  arguments into  functions with a single argument each. So you can say Currying is a way to reduce functions of more than one argument to functions of one argument.

Here in Currying function we also uses the property of closures because we access the variables outside the scope of a function.

Here is and example of doing two number addition in JavaScript with simple function :

No if you write this with currying function in JavaScript :

Here is another which can give you more clarity on Currying function in JavaScript.

  ...  Read More

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